Easy, just order one. Okay, all joking aside, we know that choosing the right cut of steak can be
confusing enough that when it comes to how you want your steak cooked, you shouldn’t have any
questions. (For a no-fuss guide to cuts of steak, check out our previous post:

The king of all steak temperatures. Typically seared and still red 75% through the center, this steak has
reached an internal temperature of around 130 degrees. A rare steak can scare off even the bravest
steak lovers, but this internal temperature of your cut of steak is known to be quite tender and juicy,
allowing the true taste of your meat to really come through.

Medium Rare
If rare is the king of steak temperatures, then medium rare is queen. More popular than the rare choice,
this steak is seared and about 50% red in the center. This temperature allows for the best of both
worlds: some char on the outside, while still maintaining a cool interior.

A popular choice. This steak is seared outside and about 25% pink on the inside with a warm interior.
Cooked to an internal temperature of about 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium Well
This steak is done throughout with a slight hint of pink. This cut of meat has an internal temperature of
around 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well Done
With an internal temperature of 160 degrees, this steak has little to no pink left on the inside.

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